‘The Nice Guys’ Red Band Trailer Pins Ryan Goslin and Russell Crowe Together

Shane Black’s next joint has released its firs trailer for of course another buddy cop movie, The Nice Guys. Black’s directorial debut with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang certified being more than capable of being just a scripted writer. He moved on to work on his first studio film with Iron-Man 3, the best of the franchise, where he adapted his storytelling into a super-hero blockbuster.

The Nice Guys checks off all the Shane Blackism; an unlikely team working together, dark humor, mystery plot, all that is missing is a Christmas setting. Ryan Goslin and Russell Crowe are pinned together to investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.


Black told People Magazine:

“It is an R-rated film and it’s a caper,” says Black. “It’s a little fast, a little funny and a little rough in places, kind of coarse. These guys are working-class dudes, they’re not really sophisticated private detectives, so it’s a chance to do the kind of thriller I don’t see too much of anymore.”


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