The New ‘Friday the 13th’ Losses Its Director and Changes Screenwritter

The long-troubled and delayed Friday the 13th remake/reboot just can’t catch a break. Originally scheduled to release sometime in 2015, which obviously did not happen, now has a new release date of January 13, 2017, at least for now. The Friday the 13th remake/reboot now has a new blow to its gut, it has lost its director and changed scriptwriter.

The Wrap is now reporting that director David Bruckner is no longer attached to helm the new Friday the 13th movie for Paramount. The shining light behind this is that Paramount does not feel it’s fair for Bruckner to wait for a new script to be developed, but will gladly have jump aboard once a script is complete. That still leaves hope for Bruckner to the director the next Friday the 13th installment. I have been a big fan of David Bruckner work that includes The Signal, V/H/S, and his stand out segment for Southbound, which is being released sometime in 2016, and you can find my review here.

On a larger note, Variety reports Paramount has switched screenwriter and has handed off the duties to Aaron Guzikowski, who is responsible for scripts such as Prisoners, Contraband, and the upcoming Papillon remake. Guzikowski replaces Hannibal TV series screenwriter Nick Antosca, at the moment it is unclear why Paramount is unhappy with Antosca version of the script.

Things were looking good for the 13th installment of Friday the 13th, but with the recent changes I’m not sure anymore. Expect the next Friday the 13th to slash it way through theaters on January 13, 2017, at least for now.

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