‘The Hateful Eight’ 70mm Roadshow Theater Announcement Tomorrow

The day is finally about to come when we find out where the 70mm Roadshow version will screen in theaters across the United States. We will also finally received confirmation wheater The Weinstein Company was able to secure around 100 70mm projectors as initially expected.

There have been rumors and reports recently that the 100 theaters originally planned for the roadshow version were cut in half due to the rarity of the of the format. It’s been confirmed that a DCP or digital version of the roadshow cut is also available through the screening at The Crest in Los Angeles that had issues during their run. As a result, the second half was screened digitally. Consequently, many have speculated that this is the reason for the such a huge delay in the announcement, leaving now many patrons only a little less than two weeks to prepare and plan to view this event.

Fans around the country have been calling up their local theaters in anticipation of the release to confirm wheater or not they would screen the roadshow in 70mm. You can find an unofficial list here, but I suggest you wait until tomorrow for the official listing.

There is still a mystery that surrounds this announcement, and that is when will tickets be available. We hope that the report will also confirm a sale date because it is sure that seats will sell out fast. Either way, stay tuned, as information will be updated as news comes in.

The Hateful Eight will release on December 25, 2015, for the roadshow, while the general release has been moved up a week to January 1, 2016.

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