Rumor False : ‘Fantastic Four’ Back at ‘Marvel’

Update: As it was most likely the case, io9 is also reporting that this rumor is false with multiple credible sources stating so.

Original post as follows:

Its sounds like a dream come true for all comic book fans to see the first family of Marvel to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to new rumors this might finally happen.

News first hit the webs like a fiery frenzy earlier this morning as Den of Geek cited his source that Fox has returned the rights of Fantastic Four to Marvel. This comes after the abysmal failure that the rebooted Fantastic Four was both financially and critically. This had many fans chomping at the bits, hoping that Fox would do the same as Sony, sharing the rights of Spider-Man.

How did Marvel get the rights back? Yesterday it was confirmed that Fox will be getting into the super hero T.V. show game with Hellfire and Legion. Fox would be calibrating with Marvel in order for these shows to happen, Den of Geek’s sources claim that the Fantastic Four rights were exchanged for the collaboration. Marvel also recently announced three release dates for three  un-named movies, could one of these be a Fantastic Four reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Here lay the puzzle pieces that don’t quite match up, why would Fox who spent so much money, time, and effort give back the rights back  so soon after making Fantastic Four to simply keep the right from expiring. Unless, Fox see that the property of Fantastic Four has been tarnished indefinitely and unbankable after their latest efforts.

Den of Geek has made it strictly clear that they have not been able to confirm their sources claim and the people of Collider have stated that the Fantastic Four rights have not been reverted back to Marvel.

Steve here. I’ve checked with some high up sources and can report Marvel has not regained the movie rights to Fantastic Four. In addition, Fox already had the X-Men TV rights so no trade happened or was necessary.


This page will be updated as news comes in……….


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