Rumor: ‘Batman’ Faces off Against The Red Hood in the Next Batman Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently in post-production, Suicide Squad just wrapped filming, and Wonder Woman is not too far off from shooting with a June 23, 2017 release date. Rumors are now starting to leak with Warner’s upcoming DC Extended Universe slate.  This rumor in particular pertains to the untitled solo Batman film, which is allegedly to be directed by Ben Affleck.

The solo Batman film is said to debut The Red Hood or more specifically Jason Todd. Jason Todd may be more familiar to comic book fans as Robin, who was brutally murdered by the hands of The Joker in the A Death in the Family storyline. Jason Todd was later resurrected and became The Red Hood, an antihero who resembles Batman in many ways, except with a willingness to use lethal force and weapons. Reader may find this story similar to Captain America: Winter Soldier character Bucky Barnes.


The sources of Joblo claim that the Batman solo film will be adapting not only A Death in the Family but Under the Red Hood as well, which has already been made into a fantastic animated motion picture. Joblo cites the following:

According to our sources, the basic plotline of Affleck’s solo Batfilm is that Jason Todd has returned from the grave as the Red Hood, working in the shadows to make people think he’s Batman, while making  Batman look like a criminal. At the same time he leaves clues about his identity for Bruce/Batman to ultimately solve, leading to a confrontation that will involve Batman, Red Hood, and yes, The Joker, who will feature as a primary villain alongside Red Hood.

This Batman solo film is starting to sound like something I’m very interested in, especially with adapting some of the best Batman storylines into one film. With this adaptation it is also expected that we will see a confrontation with The Joker and Nightwing (unconfirmed) lending a helping hand.


There have been some teases before leaving fans guessing as to the nods Warner has been leaving. In the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice trailer we see Robin’s custom with gunshot holes and joker graffiti along with a newspaper with YOU LET YOUR FAMILY DIE, a clear reference to A Death in the Family. All this rumor seems extremely buyable, especially seeing how the trailer left those teases for fans to speculate.

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DC has hit the ground running and is slowly convincing me to jump on this hype wagon.

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