Watch a 30-minute Interview on ‘The Hateful Eight’ with Tarantino and Get a Glimps of the 70mm Films Reels

While the Star Wars: The Force Awakens news start to die down now that its release is less than ten days away, The Hateful Eight has taken up news sources by storm. Quentin Tarantino has hit the press rounds pretty hard appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, What the Flick, and the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast. Now DP/30 has taken the opportunity to sit down with Tarantino in a 30-minute conversation concentrated on his work and craft.

This interview is full on insightful information and right off the bat we learn how The Hateful Eight got its start. While writing a novel about Django called Django In White Hell, Tarantino realized that this was not a Django story, and that’s how the scene where the stagecoach is roaming the snowy terrain transformed into The Hateful Eight and grew from there.

It has also come to my attention that many readers never seen how a projector operates let alone a 70mm projector. The 70mm print of  The Hateful Eight is currently running at more than three hours long and weighing in around 350 pounds once assembled. Thanks to Redditor, Mikeaz123, who posted pictures containing The Hateful Eight being threaded through a projector, you can now get a glimpse of what 70mm is all about.

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