Scene Breakdown of the ‘Creed’ Single Take Boxing Bout

Creed is good, its damn good. It has revitalized the Rocky franchise and introduced it to new audience and generation. Creed has received universal praised from fans, critics, and the box office numbers. Creed is also receiving whispers of a possible Oscar nomination for Sylvester Stallone’s performance claiming to be the best he has been since the original Rocky back in 1976.

In an impressive stance that left my mind boggled director Ryan Coogler, first major studio film, shots Adonis Creed’s first bout in a long take for two rounds. The New York Times adds a new entry to their long-running series Anatomy of a Scene with a breakdown of that long take narrated by Ryan Coogler.

… we decided three weeks out from production and it was a team effort. I worked with a great stunt coordinator named Clayton Barber and a great cinematographer, Maryse Alberti, and a great Steadicam operator, Ben Semanoff. It was a conversation between all of us. I had a crew that was as crazy as me and an actor as crazy as me. So as opposed to getting scared at this idea, everybody got excited. We shot it the third day of photography. We had one camera on set and didn’t shoot anything to cut away to. We just dove off the cliff and said, hey, we’re going to do this. We did 13 takes of it.

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